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India’s first manufacturer of electric vehicle portable chargers and components

About Us

Our Mission To Provide Ingenious, Virtuous, and Energy-Efficient Solutions.
EN50620, IEC62893 standard EV Charging Cable By JT Mobility
Smart Charge Anytime Anywhere with JT Mobility Portable Charger

JT Mobility Pvt. Ltd. is a Mumbai, India based manufacturer company. We design, develop and manufacture of electric vehicle charging components, we are specialized in all kinds of EV sockets, EV charging cables, EV plug connectors & EV Chargers. JT Mobility Pvt Ltd is also an associated company of Jayani Technologies LLP established in 2011.

"Our vision is to transform India with the leading technology and to provide cost effective products and solution to people and to provide new technology/ knowledge/ innovation-based solutions for electric vehicles. Also provide a platform for speedy commercialization of technology at competitive prices, apart from supporting EV manufacturers and automotive R&D companies, we also assist them in the planning and building process, as well as development of charging infrastructure tailored to their needs."

We are India’s first manufacture of electric vehicle charging components, we are specialized in all types of EV sockets, EV charging cables, EV plug connectors & portable EV Chargers. We offer our customers the right accessories for charging e-vehicles as well as expert advice on optimal product solutions. By producing the own brand “JT Mobility" it is possible to develop individual customer solutions according to the customer's specifications and our products are certified to meet international standard. We offer robust solution compatible with all electric vehicles including BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Hyundai, Renault, Tata, MG, Kia, and more.


We support our private and business customers on their way to electromobility through the planning and building process as well as the operation of an individual charging infrastructure. As a neutral supplier, we work together with many partners such as EV charger manufacturers, EV Infra companies, back-end system operators, energy suppliers, automobile manufacturers and Automotive product distributors.

We constantly strive to adhere to establish a long-term relationship by sharing technical expertise and creating a highly customer-centric approach to how we operate, we can help our clients create cable connections that deliver the performance their projects demand. We offer a competitive price, high quantity products an excellent after-sales-service.

Our electrical vehicle cables have a rich history in delivering cables and accessories worldwide, putting quality, compliance, and a strong customer focus at the heart of operations. For us, it's about delivering a tailored service on a global scale. With industry-leading equipment and a robust network, we continue to develop the charging cables required to meet the growing needs of EV drivers.

Our EV copper cable is a kind of flexible cable to connect electric vehicle with charging pile or power socket, high quality oxygen-free copper conductor ensures excellent conductive effect, TPE/TPU insulation material is soft and high strength, which possess characteristic as weather ability, high & low temperature resistance, rub resistance. The cable is soft, elastic, flex index and won’t harden in low temperature. EV Cables for Electric vehicle conductive charging system are fit for Battery Electric Vehicle, Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) & Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV).

Domain Proficiency

Our domain enables overall profitability for building solid foundation to associate with high-value customers to ensure quality interaction. We deliver seamless workflow & easy interactive team collaboration. Our customers serve as a constant source of inspiration to us, and we are extremely proud to play a part in building a better world alongside them.

Our Commitment

JT Mobility is committed to becoming a world-class provider of cable solutions for new energy vehicles, and a leader in the EV charging cable products & solution.

Our Vision

To create versatile cutting-edge solutions for all automotive industries

Our Mission

To provide ingenious, virtuous, and energy-efficient solutions.

Core Values

Respect, professionalism, and determination are the values that are the foundation of our culture

Smart Charging Anytime Anywhere

Convinced that electromobility is our future and that its success will be guaranteed by the easy access to charging, JT Mobility is committed to offering a full range of charging solutions. We do this by designing, building, and supporting smart charging solutions for business charging, home charging and charging on-the-go with our portable charging solution.

We are on a mission to enable everybody to drive as many miles as possible powered by clean electricity.

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