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CCS-2 Female EV Plug Assembly

CCS-2 Female EV Plug Assembly IEC 62196-3 Female Connector


JT Mobility CCS2 EV plugs are available in 80A to 250A. It’s used in DC fast charging & comply with IEC 62196-3 (EN 62196-3). Combined Charging System (CCS) is based on open and universal standards for electric vehicles. Our CCS Type-2 plug is used for direct-current charging at a maximum of 250 kW. Universally compatible, high-quality CCS2 EV plugs designed for 10,000+ charging cycles. It is Developed and produced in accordance with the IATF 16949 automotive standard.


Plug in/pull out >10000 times.

Meets 62196-3 IEC 2011 SHEET 3-Im standards.

Material: Thermoplastic UL94 V-0

Rated with IP55 (working condition).

Anti-flaming, pressure-resistant, impact resistance material

Pin Material: Copper Alloy & Silver Plating

Better Conductivity and Higher Energy Transmission

Nice appearance, hand-held ergonomic design, easy plug

Assembly includes Pins, Cable Gland, Cable Clamp, and Body

Model: JTEVGC2F3
CCS Type 2 electric car charging plugs for Europe CCS Type 2 DC fast charging comply with IEC 62196-3 (EN 62196-3).Plug in/pull out >10000 times.Meets 62196-3 IEC 2011 SHEET 3-Im standards.Material: Thermoplastic UL94 V-0Rated with IP55 (working condition).Anti-flaming, pressure-resistant, impact..
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