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EV Connector Plug Pin

Brass Connector Pin for IEC EV Charging Plug

JT Mobility copper alloy connector pins for IEC conforms to global standards. Our brass electrical pins adopt brass in the main body material and uses hard sliver plating technology to maintain excellent performance of brass connector pin.


AC IEC Brass Connector Pin

Conform to the regulations and requirements of AC IEC standards. Brass connector pin is featured with high ampacity and low-temperature rise. AC terminals are designed for the IEC standard charging plug and socket to meet IEC62196 regulations and requirements. It features a low and stable mating force and enables stable and reliable transmission.


CCS Type 2 Contact Pins

Comply with the regulations and requirements of DC IEC standards. It owns high efficiency and reliable compatibility. DC terminal developed for fast charging of CCS2 charging plug to meet IEC 62196-3 Combined Charging System standard. The silver-plating terminal ensures the long-term stability and efficiency of power transmission.



Mechanical life: 10000 times

Comply with IEC62196 combined charging system standard.

High ampacity and low-temperature rise

High efficiency of power transmission

Soft mating force

4μm Thickness of silver platting

High quality Brass (Copper Alloy)

Sealing ring

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