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Mode-2 EV Charger PCB

JT Mobility electric vehicle (EV) charger printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturer is a company that specializes in designing and manufacturing custom PCBs used in the construction of EV chargers. We are responsible for producing high-quality PCBs that meet the specific needs of the EV charger market, including Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 chargers.


We have a high level of expertise in designing and producing custom PCBs for EV chargers. They have extensive experience and knowledge in the design and construction of PCBs, and they understand the unique challenges associated with designing PCBs for the EV charger market. They use the latest technology and equipment to produce PCBs that meet the required standards and specifications.


To ensure the highest quality of PCBs, we follow strict quality control procedures. They use advanced testing and inspection methods to ensure that each PCB is reliable and long-lasting, even under heavy use. This ensures that the chargers are safe and effective for users.


As the EV industry continues to evolve, We are constantly innovating to meet the changing needs of the market. They are developing new and innovative designs and technologies to improve the efficiency, reliability, and performance of EV chargers. This includes the development of more compact and portable PCBs that can be integrated into smaller and more versatile chargers.

jT Mobility play a vital role in the design and production of high-quality EV chargers. They bring expertise, quality, customization, and innovation to the production process, resulting in a better product for the end-user. 

Model 2 EV charger PCB board with LCD screen display.


Meet the European standard, but also for other standards of AC charger.

Multiple output current options 10A/16A/20A/32A

Wall box PCB available in single phase and three phase up to 22kW.

Portable Charger PCB available in Single phase up to 7.3kW

Multiple protections high temperature, overvoltage, undervoltage, grounding, overcurrent, leakage current and other protection functions.

Display, LED board size and position can be customized according to customer requirements.

Optional RF ID and Wi-Fi Feature

Relay adopts zero-voltage switching method to improve product reliability and extend product life.

PCB ambient temperature detection, input plug temperature detection, double temperature detection function protection.

Leakage protection can be customized: European standard support A-type leakage protection, can be customized B-type leakage protection more secure,


                                                7kW Wall Box AC IEC 62196-2 EV Charger PCB Board, Single Phase 32Amp with Display and RF-ID



    11kW Wall Box AC IEC 62196-2 EV Charger PCB Board, Three Phase 16Amp with Display and RF-ID            



                      22kW Wall Box AC IEC 62196-2 EV Charger PCB Board, Three Phase 32Amp with Display and RF-ID

3kW Portable AC IEC 62196-2 EV Charger PCB Board, Single Phase 16Amp with LED                                                                               

                                               7kW Portable AC IEC 62196-2 EV Charger PCB Board, Single Phase 32Amp with Display and LED

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