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80A-200A CCS2 Car EV Inlet Socket with actuator, 1000V DC CCS Type 2 IEC 62196-3 DC male Socket with 0.5 meter cable and locking actuator

80A-200A CCS2 Car EV Inlet Socket with actuator, 1000V DC CCS Type 2 IEC 62196-3 DC male Socket with 0.5 meter cable and locking actuator
80A-200A CCS2 Car EV Inlet Socket with actuator, 1000V DC CCS Type 2 IEC 62196-3 DC male Socket with 0.5 meter cable and locking actuator

Key Features

CCS2 Car EV Male Inlet Socket, 1000V DC CCS Type 2 IEC 62196-3, 0.5-meter cable and locking actuator.

IP55 Rated

Unique Integrated Design

Mounted on the side of the vehicle/EVSE.

High strength flame retardant nylon

Pin Material: Copper Alloy & Silver Plating

Better Conductivity and Higher Energy Transmission

Excellent protection performance resistance to vibration, moisture, dust, and salt spray.

Insulator in flammability UL94 V-0

Comply to IEC 62196 standard.

Nice appearance, hand-held ergonomic design, easy plug

Mechanical life No-load plug in/pull out >10000 times.

Data Sheet

  • Model: JTEVS200AC2MCB

200A Electric Car EV Inlet 1000V DC Combo CCS Type 2 Charging Socket Connector IEC 62196-3 DC male Inlet Socket with 0.5 meter cable and locking actuator



JT Mobility Combined Charging System (CCS) is based on open and universal standards for electric vehicles. The CCS combines single-phase with rapid three-phase charging using alternating current at a maximum of 43 kilowatts (kW), as well as direct-current charging at a maximum of 200 kW and the future perspective of up to 350 kW – all in a single system. It also manages communications between the electric vehicle and the infrastructure. As a result, it provides a solution to all necessary charging requirements. The Combo CCS2 charging inlet socket are available in 200A. It’s combined alternating current (AC) Type 2 charging and direct current (DC) CCS fast charge in one inlet. With optional cable and Secure electromagnetic locking actuator, which can lock the charging plug and inlet during the charging process.

Application Vehicle Charging Inlet for charging with alternating current (AC) and with direct current (DC)
Charging mode Mode 2, 3, 4
Coding 4.7 kΩ (between PE and PP)
Conductive terminal Cooper alloy pins , sliver plated on surface
Contact Resistance 0.5m ohm Max
Insulation resistance 2000MΩ (DC1000V) for CCS Type 2 charging connector
Locking type Locking in the inserted state with a locking mechanism
Max. dwell time with reverse current 1 s
Mechanical Parameter Tested no-load plug in / plug out > 10000 times life cycle
Number of Pins 7 (L1, L2, L3, N, PE, DC+, DC-)
Pause time after entry or exit path 3 s
Recommended adaptation time 600 ms
Reverse current of the motor max. 1.5 A
Service life insertion cycles > 10000 load cycles
Signal Contact 2 (CP, PP)
Temp. Attachment point 2 sensors for the DC contacts
Temp. Sensor type Pt 1000
Temp. Standards/regulations DIN EN 60751
Temperature measurement DC contacts: 2x PT1000 (DIN EN 60751)
Temperature Resistance < 50K
Type of cover movement Self-locking
Type of signal transmission PWM with modulated Powerline communication in accordance with ISO/IEC 15118 / DIN SPEC 70121
Typical motor current for locking 0.25 A
Electrical Properties
Charging power 200 kW
Locking actuator Operating voltage 12 V
Rated current AC 32 A AC
Rated current DC 250 A DC
Rated current Signal Contact 2A
Rated voltage AC 480 V AC
Rated voltage DC 1000 V DC
Rated voltage Signal Contact 30 V AC
Type of charging current AC 3-phase
Mechanical Properties
Insertion force < 100 N
Insertion/withdrawal cycles > 10000
Operate force Less than 100N
Withdrawal force < 100 N
Standard & Classifications
Charging standard CCS type 2
ETIM EC002898
Standard IEC 62196-2 & IEC 62196-3
UNSPSC 39121800
Ambient Properties
IP protection class IP 55 (Working condition)
Operating Temperature -30C to +65C
Temperature monitoring AC contacts: PTC chain (DIN˽EN˽60738-1)
Cable Properties
200A / 1000V DC Cable 2*70 mm² + 1*25 mm²+ 6*0.75 mm² + 32A: 5*6mm²
Cable Length 0.5 Meter
Outer Shell Thermoplastic material, fire rating UL94-0
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