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Mistshubishi Electric Vehicles

JT Mobility provides affordable charging accessories and products compatible with Mistshubishi Electric Vehicles that meet IEC 62196 standards. Our portable home based charger support Mistshubishi Electric Vehicles without any hassle.

The Mistshubishi EV series has proven to be one of the best electric vehicles in the market. Charging the Mistshubishi EV series is just as easy as charging your phone with JT Mobility portable charger. If you have a dedicated charging point at your place or go for public charging points, our portable charger will allow you to quickly charge your car. TYPE 2 - 3 PIN PLUG chargers are portable and are ideal for plugging in any domestic socket.

EV Manufacturer

Car Model

Battery Capacity

Total Range (km)

AC Plug

DC Plug



16 kWh

160 km




Plug-in Hybrid Outlander

12 kWh

50 km



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